PATH: People Acting Together in Howard

Since 2006, PATH has led the fight toward broad-based equity, diversity, and inclusion in Howard County, Maryland

Who We Are

PATH is a multi-racial, multi-faith, non-partisan residents’ organization, rooted in local congregations and organizations. Our dues-paying member institutions include over 20,000 Howard County residents, and represent the diversity, hope, and dreams of our community.

What We Do

Collective Vision

The work of PATH begins with listening to members of our communities, in one-on-one and small group settings. Through these relationships, we challenge each other to imagine the change we want to see in our own communities.

Strategic Action

We set daring goals and create bold strategies on the most important issues facing communities in Howard County and the nation. We train public leaders to take specific and targeted action on a range of issues.

Community Power

We connect groups of organized people and organized money to expand our power and impact. Together, we bring the world as it is a little bit closer to the world as it should be, in concrete ways. 

Past Victories

→ High quality, affordable healthcare for some of the county’s most vulnerable residents (Healthy Howard)

Workforce development and environmental jobs for youth and young adults (READY).

Equity in public schools through resources, programs, and staff

→ More affordable housing in downtown Columbia

→ Better transportation systems for wellness, working people, and young adults

Protection of affordable housing for mobile home owners (Read more)

Recent News

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People Acting Together Howard (PATH)

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